About LJD Royalty

Royalty History

The Laramie Jubilee Days celebration of Laramie, Wyoming had its beginning in 1940. It was initiated to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of Wyoming Statehood on July 10. The first ‘Equality Days’ included a fiddlers’ contest, chariot races and a giant parade. The next year the event turned into a three-day celebration and became known as Laramie Jubilee Days. Through the years, the number of days of the festivities has varied, as have the scheduled events, ranging from horse racing and horse shows to steer roping and rodeo. One thing that has remained the same for 77 years is the representation and goodwill the Royalty has provided to Laramie Jubilee Days. The Royalty represent LJD throughout the area and fulfill the duties of goodwill ambassadors in their own unique style.

As the LJD celebration has changed and evolved over the years, so has the method of selecting the royalty. In the beginning, the two representatives were chosen by ballots that sold for 25 cents each. Today, a panel of judges evaluates the contestants on excellence of performance in horsemanship, personality and appearance. The crown in the early years was a traveling crown. Today, each queen is given her own to keep.

Photo credit: Breah’s Photography